Monday, August 18, 2008

Hitting the Wiouwash

Last week on a quiet evening we loading bikes in/on the van and found the Wiouwash State Trail. Eventually the trail will be 60 miles long, currently the piece by us is about 20, and we used approximately four of them. Nathan was pulling Lydia in the trailer and I had the tag-a-long bike hooked up with me so the boys could take turns peddling by themselves and getting a break with Mom. Evan spent most of the time with me since for the five minutes Hans was on with me he screamed in terror. The tag-a-long has some wiggle in the joint and Hans was sure he was going to crash, fall off, or die and let all within ear shot know it. Evan was fine with me since we could go faster and he's a fan of the wind in his face. We set our expectations low since although they love riding bike, the kids have never been on a trail. We were happy to make it as far as we did with them and look forward to trying to get farther next time.
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