Monday, August 4, 2008

More Airventure

One of our favorite things about Airventure is the daily airshows. I don't know much about airplanes but it's still very impressive. The kids all liked the "regular" planes, the blimp, the helicopter, and the sky divers. Evan was the only one who liked the "noisy" airplanes. We got to see a demonstration of the F-22 Raptor which was one of the most amazing aircraft I've seen fly. Hans and Lydia both hated it because to call it deafening is an understatement. I had them crying on my shoulders with their ears covered the entire time. Evan on the other hand was standing in the wagon so he could see better and grinning the whole time.

a. Evan in the foreground and the Raptor in the sky.

b. The F-22 Raptor and a P-51 Mustang doing what they call a Heritage Flight. It's a tribute to the armed forces past a present and although it's just two planes flying with the F-22 flying as wing man to the P-51 it's actually kind of emotional.

c. Just a snap of the great aerobatics we saw.

d. Not actually at the air show but we checked out the Seaventure sight and got to watch a float plane land. I love the farm in the background, gotta love WI.

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