Monday, August 25, 2008

SD Company

Over the last few years my dear friend Denise has repeatedly endeared herself to the kids. Things like hiking, kayaking, trips to Burger King, buffalo roundups, and making a campfire just for the sake of toasting marshmallows all helped along the way. We joked that she was my assistant teacher for home school preschool. As you can see the kids completely agree. This picture was taken within five minutes of her walking in the door. As new book had come in the mail that day and it needed to be shared with Mrs. Smith.

Denise's kids go to Luther Prep in Watertown, WI so she used the trip over to WI as a convenient reason to visit us. It was a special treat for me since she was here for my birthday. :) We look forward to getting to see her throughout the school year as she visits her kids.

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Sara Caauwe said...

Jen, Happy belated birthday. Sometime you have a minute, can you send me your new contact information? I would love to talk to you again. Lots of love to you all. I think that I've been to Point Beach before, too. Much love from TX, Sara