Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Good Ol' Days

Saturday we attended an annual event at the EAA grounds. Unlike the previous pictures of Airventure, Good Ol' Days, is a kinder, gentler gathering. It is held at the Pioneer Airport which is a fully working 1920s airport. On Saturday there were lots of vintage aircraft that are still airworthy and some reproductions, there were volunteers in costume, and an hanger full of kids activities from days gone by. Much of our time was spent playing tinker toys, marbles, jacks, coloring, stamping, and learning how typewriters work. There were also short talks and demonstrations of the different airplanes. We had only planned on being there in the morning but after much, much begging we gave in and went back after lunch.

1. Tinker toys with Dad.

2. Evan was the only one of the kids brave enough to participate in the sack race and the egg in spoon race. He's easy to spot in the cowboy hat.

3. A Ford TriMoter was one of the featured planes. This is what I know about it: it was one of the first airplanes to carry passengers but was also used for cargo such as mail, it looks like a flying box, and Clyde Ice (the Spearfish airport where Nathan flew out of in SD is named after him) flew one around SD back in the day.

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