Friday, July 18, 2008

The BIG Move

July 5 was the day. By 8am Nate had picked up the truck, by 9am we were hard at work filling it, by about 11am everything was in, and by 12:30pm we were on the road. It sounds so easy in that one sentence but really what made it so was, again, the generosity of the friends who helped us load. Many hands make work light. I'm grateful it went so well considering it was a roller coaster of emotions. It was the last goodbye to many special people. The thing that helps soften the blow of leaving them is the joy in having had them as friends in the first place. It was also farewell to so many firsts: the first place we lived married, the first home we bought, the place we had our children. There will always be happy memories of Rapid City and the seven years we spent serving St.Paul's. Thanks to everyone who helped make those memories. You are missed but always in our hearts.

1. The BIG truck.

2. What's our stuff doing in here?

3. To fit or not to fit? That is the question.

4. Let's hit the road. My kind parents took the kids with them so Nathan, Joanna, and I rode to southern MN together in the moving truck. The truck wasn't the most fun way to travel but the company was laugh-out-loud funny (or maybe that was the extreme lack of sleep). :)

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