Friday, July 18, 2008

In the Air

        On the list of great memories made those last few weeks in Rapid one of Nate's highlights was flying with his good friend Kim. The two of them have been in the air together many times in the last year loving every minute including this last flight. For the last one they flew from Clyde Ice field in Spearfish (where Kim's plane is hangered) to Pierre Municipal Airport and on to the Lake Preston grass strip. Flying cross country with a good friend who shares a passion for aviation is a great memory by itself but that wasn't all the day entailed. From Lake Preston they went to visit Kim's helicopter instructor, Bill. Kim wanted to brush up on his helicopter skills and he thought Nate might like to check it out too. After watching Kim buzz around with Bill for a bit Nate had the chance to go up with him. Bill demonstrated a few basic helicopter skills, did some low passes like a crop duster might do, and then Nate had the chance to try hovering. Although not as easy as it looks Nate had a blast. He's still in the process of getting his fixed wing license but is already planning the day he can get his rotor-craft license too.

1: The view out of Kim's plane just west of Pierre, SD.

2: Hello helicopter, it's so nice to finally meet you.

3: Hmm, I think it looks a little like a mosquito from this angle.

4: He bring it in for a landing. End of flight.

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