Thursday, July 17, 2008


    Our last big St.Paul's event was the church picnic which served as an official farewell for us. It was a beautiful day filled with hugs, laughter, and many wishes for God's blessing to be with us. Saying goodbye was very bittersweet for us because as much as we know it's the right decision it was hard to leave such wonderful people. Nate always says that St. Paul's is the best place in the WELS to serve and that couldn't be more true for us. It was exactly where we needed to be for the seven years we were there. We hope we were as much of a blessing as we were blessed.

The pictures are of the generous farewell gifts we received from the faculty and from the congregation. We have pictures of some of our favorite places, a socket set that will soon be well used, and a clock that chimes every hour to remind us of our SD family. Thank you.

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