Friday, July 18, 2008

Last Hills Hike #2

On July 2, the day before our last hike, we brought in some back up. My parents and Nathan's sister Joanna came to help us with all the logistics of moving. They were a phenomenal help doing everything from cooking to cleaning, from packing boxes to kid detail, from dismantling furniture to loading the truck, from taking orders to giving them. But before all that we had to have some fun with them too. We took them to dinner, to a fun little shindig in a park, and, of course, hiking. All three of them are game for almost anything so they eagerly joined in the craziness of the last few days.

1. Most of the creek crossings had to be waded across since there weren't any bridges, and the higher than usual rainfall means the stepping stones aren't an option. Here Joanna grins as she gaits across the creek.

2. On a previous creek crossing Lydia had insisted on attempting the crossing alone and ended up on her hands and knees wet to the neck. Here she wisely let Grandma help her.

3. As you can probably imagine since the lovers could leap the summit drops off considerably. Grandpa was Evan's safety cord as he reached the top.

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