Friday, July 18, 2008

Last Hills Hike #1

Those who know us well know that a huge joy in our life in SD was hiking the Black Hills. I can't remember hiking in December other than to get our Christmas tree, but I 'm pretty sure we hiked every other month of the year. The Hills are a glorious part of God's creation and were only minutes away from home. We'd try almost any hike once but definitely had favorites that we hit repeatedly and we loved to share them with all who'd consider hiking with us. If you visited us when the weather permitted we took you hiking.

Saying good bye to the Hills meant finding one last hike that we'd always remember. On July 3 we hiked Lover's Leap Trail in Custer State Park for just that hike. It's a beautiful three mile hike with the first being a bit like climbing stairs, the second one rolling easily while ending at the summit (where the lovers leapt), and the third crossing a creek ten times (really, 10). It was the perfect hike. The gentle breeze, smell of pine in the air, and grand Hills as far as one can see made it like a piece of heaven.

1. The Smith Family Hikers.

2. No one knows who put the sign there, but it's stayed for a long time since it just seems right.

3. Evan at the summit sign. The actual summit is up and to the right of Evan as seen in picture one.

4. Here we go a-crossing the creek. We walked barefoot for the last 1/2 mile since it just didn't pay to put shoes back on and off repeatedly. And since you're wondering, Lydia was the only one to fall in and get soaked.

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