Friday, July 18, 2008

A New House

After we left Rapid City my parents and the kids went back to their house after an overnight at the Maertzes along the way. Nate, Jo, and I met his parents in Worthington and, leaving the truck parked, went to Omaha for our friend Sarah's wedding. Sunday after the wedding we made it back to Zumbrota and Monday we finally made it to Oshkosh. Once there Nate's brother Michael, sister-in-law Tammy, Aunt Karen, cousins Bekah and Christi, and kind-hearted neighbors helped us unload. To start it seemed like there were boxes everywhere but even that first night some things had already found their spot. These pictures were taken on day two. Nathan's parents were kind enough to go up my parents', pick up the kids, and bring them down to us in Oshkosh that day. It let us get the big things put in place before the kids arrived. A lot of our things have been adjusted since these pictures were taken and there are pictures on the walls, but at least it gives you can idea of how things are here.

1. All three kids share the big bedroom upstairs.

2. The little room upstairs is their playroom.

3. Our living room. Behind the camera is the dining room which is about a mirror image.

4. The kitchen. Out the door you see leads to the basement and backdoor.

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