Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Movin' with Evan

      Since Evan is a bit of a people person he loved the reception. He danced with everyone he could, made new friends, and after loosing him for awhile I did once find him under a table with a bridesmaid (he was showing her his glow bracelets). Fun, fun, fun.

a) Here Evan is being his helpful self and assisting Grandpa in winning tick-tack-toss so that Michael and Tammy had to kiss. Eww!

b) A great party pal was discovered in cousin Adam. Whoot-whoot!

c) Aunt Tammy was very impressed by his bracelet collection so I guess it does make sense that a bridesmaid would be impressed too.

d) Here is a link to Evan and Michael doing the twist. Michael was imitating Evan and I'm sure that is how he won over Tammy in the first place. Killer moves dudes.

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