Friday, July 18, 2008

Frees, fireworks, ect...

This was the third year we went to the Mount Rushmore fireworks with the Free family (pic. 1). Each year we've had such a great time we keep adding more people to the guest list. The group shot we took (pic.4) is actually short seven people which made this years head count 30 up from 13 the first year. We find our spot about 6pm, make "camp"(pics. 2&3), hike around, eat some supper, chat, chase kids, eat Mary's homemade popcorn, eagerly await the military flyovers, enjoy adult beverages, laugh, apply mosquito spray, wait for dark, ..... and enjoy one of the top firework displays in the country. There has been rumor that this tradition isn't allowed to die and that we're required to make yearly visits to uphold it; we'll see what next year brings, it'd be fun to have some more Free time. :)
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