Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wedding a'la Lydia

Michael and Tammy's wedding was the first wedding that Lydia has really be old enough to enjoy. She lived it up in true Lydia fashion.

a) Lydia took advantage of having so many people willing to hold her and give her attention. In this picture Aunt Kristi was happy to provide a lap during dinner. b) These squirt guns were originally used by the wedding party during their rowdy grand march and later the kids absconded with them. Trouble.

c) It took her a little to warm up to the lights and noise of the dance but once she got going she was a regular dancing queen. Here she is with cousin Ryan's fiancee Marcella.

d)We had purposely gotten a room at the hotel the reception was in so we could put the kids to bed but there was no convincing them that they should leave the party. Lydia finally lost the fight in the arms of a willing Aunt Kristi. So sweet.        

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